High End Plastics Machining Processes

precision parts manufacturingThe use of plastics through out many industries is huge, wide and varied. How ever, as a material for making parts it has become hugely indispensable due to it’s ability and flexibility to be moulded into any desired shape for any industry purposing through the plastics machining process. It’s material structure makes it extremely ideal in creating a whole range of components, also this means that some plastics can be resistant to distortion under pressures applied by CNC machines of any kind. This in general gives plastic manufactured parts an advantage to a precision parts manufacturer as they can meet the expectations of the clients design remit.

General Machining Requirements

From the varied nature of plastics, the compounds can range from hard to soft, dependent upon the clients needs and requirements. The machines required to cut these may sometimes come with supports to protect the machined part from any unnecessary damage, these supports will usually be made of a similar sort of material to offer more protection for the plastic to be worked on. As there are many types of plastics that can be used, care has to be taken when using specific types of plastics as they can be susceptible to heat. Such plastics are more commonly known as ‘thermoplastic’ plastic materials. These can distort under heat causing machined dimensions to alter as well as the same being true for the cooling process, this would render the parts unusable by for the client.

Machining Methods

There are various methods that can be applied to creating the final machined part, these can all be applied to certain types depending on the work that is needed to be carried out. Carried out on CNC machines, these perform the various methods of shaping the end client is looking for. Turning is one of the more well known practices, this usually involves the basic turning operation then other equipment being employed to carry out the operation. This is one of the first methods devised, these days the advancements have come thick and fast, one such method is laser cutting. This is mainly used for profiling and cutting of certain types of plastics (not thermoplastics – heat!).